• CSI 2140 from BALTECH - Analysis Experts - expert tests are built
BALTECH company presents a program of expert analysis Analysis Experts. We recommend to always use the built-in expert tests. The ability to perform additional diagnostic tests on site (in the field) turns a regular collection of data on vibration effective program determine the technical condition of industrial equipment. By pressing a button on the analyzer CSI 2140 from the company BALTECH even a novice user to do complex vibration control through Analysis Experts. Usually, in the present conditions in the production of hard to find time for in-depth analysis skills vibration machine.
Specialist diagnosis is not necessary to memorize the complicated settings for the tests, which he spends a few times a year. However, they can use them for diagnosis when needed. The most important point is that with the CSI 2140 analyzer from the company BALTECH users can quickly perform more work on site is to avoid further deterioration of the equipment. In our company you can order from a specialist unit for rent. Sometimes call a specialist for tests several times a year cheaper than buying an expensive analyzer. In addition, we carry out on-site laser alignment, balancing, oil analysis according to the concept IORS: 2020.