• BALTECH GmbH – shims and the tool for laser alignment of pulleys
Alignment of pulleys is a very simple task at first look. Very often for this task they use a ruler, plumbs or a hanger. BALTECH GmbH recommends solving alignment problems of belt drives with the laser systems and the calibration steel shims BALTECH-12347 series. When you apply to our company we will quickly find a decision and a tool for laser alignment of pulleys. Remember that two pulleys are placed in two planes, and the plane is set in space with three points or two crossed straight lines therefore for measurement you should always use production systems of the BALTECH company. If you have questions about alignment of belts and pulleys, we will carry out free training for all users at our office.
Reliability technologies of the BALTECH GmbH include not only shims and tools for laser alignment and adjustment of pulleys, but also vibration diagnostics, alignment, balancing, oil and lubricant analysis, geometry control, the BALTECH TOOLS and BALTECH HI-1610 tool, stands for bearings quality check BALTECH MCB-6150, and also infrared thermometers BALTECH TL-0212C and BALTECH TR-01100 thermal cameras for temperature control.