• Пластиковая метла. Plastic Broom - sweeps the house, street, garden(wet foliage, snow, dirt)
Modern plastic wear-resistant broom is in great demand among buyers all year round. It perfectly sweeps dry and wet foliage, snow, dirt, any other coarse garbage. Thanks to the properties of modern synthetic material (polypropylene), the broom has tremendous wear resistance, it is capable to replace 120 ordinary brooms with the time of use and, in addition, it significantly surpasses them in cleaning quality. This broom is devoid of such an unpleasant lack of ordinary household brooms, as shedding rods in the process of sweeping.

After buying this broom, you will never return to use other kinds of brooms. A janitor who cleans the area with such a modern broom will give your object a solid, presentable look. Purchase of our broom is also a significant money saving, as it is guaranteed to be in use for several seasons.

Our company sells brooms both in bulk (to large and trading organizations) and retail (to small companies and individuals).


Material - polypropylene,

5 rings

pile length - 350mm,

broom length - 500mm,

broom length with birch cutting 1580mm